Infrastructure Virtualisation and Management/VDI


ISSprovides proven server, datacentre and desktop virtualisation solutions aimed at simplifying organisational IT infrastructure.

Vendor Agnostic
By being vendor agnostic ISS assesses requirements and provides its clients with the optimum solutions tailored to their specific needs. Without tie-ins or bias towards a specific supplier ISS will provide deliverables that precicely match requirements at the most competitive price.

Improve disaster recovery, reduce vendor lock-in, speed up provisioning, reduce data centre footprint while at the same time promoting your sustainable agenda. Seamlessly move to the cloud and isolate applications or extend legacy application life span.

Cost Effective Deliverables
Reduce capital expenses through server consolidation and improve operating expenses through automation, while minimising lost revenue by reducing both planned and unplanned downtime.

Granularity to Desktop Level
ISS will assist in the design and implementation of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allowing users to seamlessly access their rich and full fidelity environments running in the datacenter from any device while at the same time improving efficiency and adding value to the organisation.